Collide-O-Scope Music perf. Milton Babbitt: Arie Da Capo

Collide-O-Scope Music perf. Christopher Bailey: Timelash

Augustus Arnone perf. Milton Babbitt: Canonical Form

Augustus Arnone perf. Milton Babbitt: Partitions

Su Kato perf. Christopher Bailey: Mergurs Ehd Ffleweh Bq Nsolst (vocals and electronics)

Shiau-uen Ding perf. Christopher Bailey: Fantasy-Passacaglia after Hall and Oates 1


Collide-O-Scope Music is a new music ensemble with a focus on diverse and innovative media forms. Now in its Eighth Season, Collide-O-Scope Music has offered an eclectic mix of newly composed works and essential classics from the modern repertory in the context of immersive concert productions where fixed compositions give way to episodes of interactive improvisatory music in seamless sets of continuous music. Another founding objective for the group has been emphasizing the role of emerging technologies, and the impact of the media itself, in the formation of new aesthetic environments. Thus, a focus is given to musical works featuring both physical/practical innovations, including extended instrumental techniques, microtonal composition, electronic sound and signal processing, and non-traditional notation, as well as conceptual extensions, including the application of innovative theoretical/mathematical models, indeterminacy and the use of chance operations, and analogues and models drawn from other fields. Composers represented include John Cage, David Lang, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Milton Babbitt, Pierre Boulez, Iannis Xenakis, Luigi Nono, Terry Riley, Alvin Lucier, Jason Eckardt, Edmund Campion, as well as a slew of exciting emerging composers including Stephen Gorbos, Yotam Haber, James Romig, Aaron Brooks, Michael Klingbeil, Alexandra Gardener, Christopher Bailey, David Smooke, and Lou Bunk.

Another signature aspect of Collide-O-Scope Music's programming has been the co-mingling of music with other artistic disciplines. Recent productions have showcased a variety of visual media forms, including avant-garde short films, digital photography, original graphic artwork, animated text collages, and dynamically assembled video montages based on found items. Films, projections, and exhibitions are run concurrently with the musical works, creating an immersive, multi-sensory experience. In realizing this aesthetic environment, Collide-O-Scope Music has collaborated with a variety of visual artists, projections have ranged from contemporary painting and photography to work by contemporary video artists, including Bill Morrison, Charles Woodman, Greg Kowalski, John Bosch, Kirby Pilcher, and Kichiiro Muto. In the coming 2016/17 season Collide-O-Scope Music will be collaborating with the New York native poet Dorota Czerner on an experimental setting of live poetry performance within a continuous concert-length musical work.

Collide-O-Scope Music will open the 2016/17 Season with a performance as part of a four concert festival of the works of the distinguished American Serialist composer, Robert Morris. The concerts will take place at Spectrum, 121 Ludlow St., New York City, from September 15-18, 2016. Three of the concerts will be preceded by in depth discussions between Morris and noted contemporary music scholar Joshua Banks Mailman. Along with performances by Collide-O-Scope Music, the festival will feature an evening of solo piano music with Margaret Kampmeier and COSM Co-Director Augustus Arnone, an evening of Morris's interactive electronic installations performed by the composer and Augustus Arnone, as well as a Sunday matinee concert of Morris's string quartets performed by the celebrated JACK Quartet.

In April, COSM will present a concert spotlighting the music of the renowned Puerto Rican composer Roberto Sierra at the DiMenna Center, NYC. Then in May, COSM will present "Fireflies," a concert-length collaborative work drawing together newly composed music by Elizabeth Adams, Christopher Burns, Elizabeth Hoffman, Christopher Bailey, and Lou Bunk.

Collide-O-Scope Music is currently in the midst of recording two albums for commercial release, forthcoming in 2017. These albums will include music by Lou Bunk, Michael Finnissy, Christopher Bailey, Michael Klingbeil, Robert Morris, Elizabeth Adams, and more.

Marianne Gythfeldt

Marianne Gythfeldt, Clarinet

Clarinetist Marianne Gythfeldt has distinguished herself in chamber music, orchestral and contemporary music performance on the international stage. Her professional chamber music career was launched when she won the Naumburg Chamber Music award in 1995 as a member of New Millennium Ensemble. Marianne is especially recognized in the fields of electro acoustic music, contemporary chamber music and performance education. She is equally at-home in traditional, contemporary and alternative genres as clarinetist of Talea Ensemble, Zephyros Winds, Collide-o-scope, and SEM Ensemble, and she has premiered many new works written for her. She is Associate Professor of clarinet and head of woodwinds at Brooklyn College, Conservatory of Music and she spent eight years as clarinet and chamber music professor at the University of Delaware where she won the Delaware Division of the Arts established artist award, producing a 4-piece commission project of electroacoustic pieces performed throughout the US and Korea. Ms. Gythfeldt has recorded with CBS Masterworks, CRI, Albany, Koch and Mode Records.

Patricia Spencer

Patricia Spencer, Flute

Patricia Spencer is flutist with the Da Capo Chamber Players, and has performed recitals throughout the US and abroad. As a soloist she has toured both in the US and abroad, including solo performances at the International Computer Music Conference in Beijing, China. An exciting repertoire of pieces has been written for her, including title works of her solo CD, Thea Musgrave's Narcissus and Judith Shatin's Kairos (Neuma Records). An earlier CD with pianist Linda Hall, features Boulez's Sonatine, along with works by Carter, Perle, Korde, Talma, Martirano, Kreiger, and Jaffe. Both CDs have been greeted with rave reviews from Fanfare and The American Record Guide. Ms. Spencer has received awards from The National Endowment for the Arts, the Mary Flagler Cary Trust, and the Aaron Copland Fund for Music, for her solo recordings and commissioning projects.

Augustus Arnone

Augustus Arnone. Piano

Augustus Arnone (piano) is an adventurous pianist who has made a home at the edge of transcendental extremes in the modern repertory. His repertoire includes the complete solo piano works of Milton Babbitt, which he first performed in 2008, at Merkin Concert Hall, and then again in honor of the centenary of Babbitt's birth year in 2016 at Spectrum, both in New York City. Mr. Arnone has also performed Michael Finnissy's complete "The History Of Photography In Sound," as well works by John Cage, Iannis Xenakis, Roberto Sierra, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Frederic Rzewski, Elliott Carter, Luigi Nono, Jason Eckardt, and Donald Martino. Mr. Arnone is an ardent advocate of new music and has collaborated with many exciting composers active presently including Roberto Sierra, Jason Eckardt, Edmund Campion, Stephen Gorbos, Christopher Bailey, Yotam Haber, Spencer Topel, Jeff Snyder, Chris Arrel, Michael Klingbeil, and many more. Mr. Arnone received a doctorate in music from Cornell University, where he studied historical performance practice and early pianos.

Lou Bunk

Lou Bunk, Composer, Invented Instruments, Electronics

Lou Bunk is an American composer and improviser inspired by many forms of avant-garde artistic expression. Educated in classical composition, and deeply influenced by the vibrant electro-acoustic improv scene in and around Boston and New York, Lou’s music occupies a space between and among concert halls and fringe performance galleries. His sonically rich and intricate music investigates sound and silence through extended instrumental techniques, microtones, amplified found objects, electronics, and generative approaches to texture and form. In his home town ofSomerville Massachusetts, Lou produces the concert series Opensound, and has chaired the Somerville Arts Council. He co-directs Collide-O-Scope Music, a New York City based new music ensemble, and is Assistant Professor of Music at Franklin Pierce University in New Hampshire where he teaches electronic music and composition. Lou received A PhD in Music Composition and Theory from Brandeis University

Elizabeth Adams

Elizabeth Adams, Composer

Elizabeth Adams — composer, teacher, organizer, and actor, Elizabeth Adams works at the intersection of music, education, and social change. Her compositions use sound to invoke social and political metaphors, and have been performed throughout Europe and all around New York City. Apart from co-directing Collide-O-Scope Music, with the Orfeo Duo, she runs "Songlines," a collaborative public mapping of a neighborhood through song-writing and performance. With Julie Harting, she produces "Julie & Elizabeth’s Anti-Capitalist Concert Series" as occasions to bring musical affect to our political concerns, and invite musicians and audiences to reimagine their relations of production. As an actor, she co-stared with Brook Celeste in Susan Parenti’s play, Unrequited, which depicts capitalism and socialism as co-dependent lovers. With the Free University NYC, she has helped organize 20 pop-up universities in public spaces on topics ranging from decolonizing climate justice, to resisting mass incarceration, to Kara Walker’s piece, A Subtlety. Free University’s events simultaneously manifest direct action, free public education, and movement-building. Having recently earned her doctorate in composition from the CUNY Graduate Center, she currently teaches music theory at Columbia University as an adjunct. In the past she has taught at Baruch College, and given guest lecturers at The New School, Bard College, The Evergreen State College, and Universidad Iberoamericano. She joined the School for Designing a Society as a student in 2005, and as a teacher in 2010. She holds other degrees in English, Music, Composition, and Musiktheater from Barnard, Stony Brook, and the Hochschule der Kunste, Bern. You can hear her compositions at, and on the Indexical label.

Christopher Bailey

Christopher Bailey, Composer, Electronics

Born outside of Philadelphia, PA, Christopher Bailey turned to music composition in his late ‘teens, and to electroacoustic composition during his studies at the Eastman School of Music, and later at Columbia University. He is currently based in Boston, but frequently participates in musical events in New York City. His music explores a variety of musical threads, including microtonality, acousmatic and concrète sounds, serialist junk sculpture, ornate musical details laid out in flat forms, and constrained improvisation. Recent commissions include Empty Theatre, a piano concerto with string orchestra, commissioned for a portrait concert of his music as part of the Sinus Ton Festival in Magdeburg, Germany (October 2014); a chamber-music version of Mergurs Ehd Ffleweh Bq Nsolst, ostensibly a field recording of denizens of the planet Mercury, featured on MATA’s 2013 festival in New York City; Composition For S#1††¥ Piano, Drum Samples, Concrete Sounds, and Processing, for the Allen Strange Award of the Washington Composers Forum; Harvest Kitchen, commissioned by Harvestworks in New York City; and Out Of, written for Marilyn Nonken. He was a 2nd-Prize recipient in the Seoul 2005 International Composers Competition in Korea (Timelash); Balladei (for piano and ‘tape’) was a finalist at the Earplay competition in 2007; Sand (an interactive computer-music composition) won a mention at Denmark’s 2007 Infinite Composing interactive computer-music competition; Walking Down the Hillside at Cortona, and Seeing it’s Towers Rise Before Me (for 2 pianos tuned to 19-tone-equal-temperament) won a mention in the 2009 Salvatore Martirano Competition at the University of Illinois. Previous awards include prizes from BMI, ASCAP, and the Bearns Prize.

Date Program Venue Location
April 16, 2016 @4:00PM Composer Spotlight: Music Of Roberto Sierra
Trio no. 2
Segundo álbum de boleros** (WORLD PREMIERE)
Tres Fantasias for clarinet cello and piano
Lou Bunk: All The Things** (WORLD PREMIERE)
Stephen Gorbos: Chez Monk
The DiMenna Center 450 West 37th Street, New York City
May 19, 2016 @8:00PM Fireflies
An evening-length immersive, mixed-media production featuring new music by Christopher Burns, Elizabeth Hoffman, Lou Bunk, Christopher Bailey, and Elizabeth Adams.
The Opera Center 330 Seventh Avenue, New York City

The group is in the midst of recording music for two separate recordings to be released in 2017. The recordings will comprise a number of solo and ensemble works written for the group by Yotam Haber, Lou Bunk, Christopher Bailey, Elizabeth Adams, Michael Klingbeil, and Michael Finnissy. The recordings will also feature works by Robert Morris and Charles Wuorinen.

In April of 2016, Collide-O-Scope Music will present a concert spotlighting the music of internationally renowned Puerto Rican composer, Roberto Sierra. The program will include a number of works for small ensemble including his Trio no. 2, for Violin, Cello, and Piano, Tres Fantasias, for Clarinet, Cello, and Piano, Rapsodicos, for Violin and Piano, and Eros, for Flute and Piano. The program will also feature the world premiere of his Segundo álbum de boleros for solo piano, performed by COSM co-Director, Augustus Arnone. The program will also include the world premieres of All The Things by COSM Co-Director Lou Bunk, and Three Distributions Of Wealth by COSM Co-Director Elizabeth Adams, in a new arrangement for Piano Quartet, as well as Chez Monk by Stephen Gorbos

In May of 2017, Collide-O-Scope Music will present "Fireflies," a large scale collaboration featuring live poetry performance by Dorota Czerner, original video art by Russell Craig Richardson, and new compositions by Elizabeth Hoffman, Christopher Burns, Elizabeth Adams, Christopher Bailey, and Lou Bunk, all woven together into a continuous montage and immersive intermedia experience. This production marks the latest in a series of collaborative Collide-O-Scope Music concerts where a collection of new works are composed for the group to be woven together into one larger evening length composition. The boundaries separating one work from another are blurred as the group weaves from fixed composition to open form interactive and improvisatory episodes.

  • album-cover-1

    Glimmering Webs

    2016 New Focus Recordings
    Piano Music of Christopher Bailey, featuring performances by Shiau-Uen ding, Augustus Arnone and Jacob Rhodebeck

  • album-cover-1

    Immolation Ritual

    2010 Innova
    Music of Christopher Bailey featuring performances by Sukato, Marilyn Nonken, Gabriela Diaz, Maja Cerar, Shiau-Uen Ding, Jacob Barton, Juri Seo.

  • album-cover-1

    Shadow Piano

    2013 Innova
    Xennia Pestova: Music for toy piano by Scott Wilson, Lou Bunk, Andrew Lewis, Derek Hurst, John Young, and Katharine Norman.

  • album-cover-1


    2009 Konnex Records
    Carsten Radtke, guitar. Featuring music for guitar by Christopher Bailey, Luciano Berio, and Johann Seb. Bach.

  • album-cover-1

    The Player Piano Project

    20012 CMC
    Music for player piano by Bunk, Tenney, Polanski, Adès, Krausas, Current, and more.

  • album-cover-1


    20012 CMC
    Eric Honour: Music for Saxophone and Computer


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